The marketing committee is responsible for crafting a consistent CAI Oregon message and distributing that message to its various audiences through print, online, and other communication channels.



  • Identify the various CAI Oregon audiences, including their demographics, preferences, wants and needs.
  • Create an overall CAI Oregon message; tailor the CAI Oregon message for each of the audiences.
  • Create a style guide that specifies the visual identity for CAI Oregon.
  • Make sure that all print and online publications distributed under the CAI Oregon brand conform to the accepted style guide.
  • Coordinate with the other committees to provide them with the marketing materials and other support they need to reach their objectives.
  • Create and distribute document templates that conform to the style guide, for use by those whom CAI has authorized to produce materials for CAI events.
  • Produce both print and online originals of marketing collateral such as brochures, luncheon announcements, educational program announcements, etc.
  • In conjunction with the CAI executive director, create  the quarterly newsletter, inCOMMON.
  • In conjunction with the CAI executive director, create the annual sponsor packet.
  • In conjunction with the CAI executive director, create the annual directory.
  • Publicize CAI Oregon through various advertising and public relations opportunities.
  • Conduct monthly marketing committee meetings.
  • Provide monthly reports to the CAI Board of Directors.