Purpose & Objectives

Based upon the mission and objectives of CAI, the Membership Committee organizes and manages CAI  Oregon Chapter membership efforts. This work includes recruitment of new members, welcoming of new members, promotion of membership benefits, and retention of existing members.


  • Welcome new members into the organization and provide them with information and the means to take an active part in the organization.
  • Contact members who are nearing the time of their renewal to encourage them to renew their membership.
  • Contact members whose membership lapses, to remind them of the value and benefits of their CAI Membership.
  • Identify and contact vendors who would be good candidates for membership in CAI.
  • Work with Management Companies to encourage the membership of their managers and of board 
  • members from Associations they manage.
  • Work in conjunction with the Marketing Committee and CAI National to reach out to homeowners and  Community Association Volunteers to encourage membership in CAI.
  • Make presentations to Associations and/or their Boards regarding the value and benefits of 
  • membership in CAI.